Adam Steinmetz

Results Room Personal Trainer


Diploma of Sports Science

  • 14 years Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning coaching
  • Running and Athletic performance and mechanics training
  • Integrated movement, myofascial lines training
  • Accredited Rehab Trainer
  • Pilates: Mat & Dynamic Reformer
  • Spin certified


My passion for fitness stems from a passion for movement. I have always wanted to know why we move and work the way we do, so I can then push that to it’s limit! By knowing why something’s not working we can better determine how it should work and how to train it to perform!

I believe performance is a relative term and whether that means being able to play with the kids pain free, squat down to pick up the laundry without hurting your back, run a marathon or build a metabolism that can withstand any Christmas holiday, always train to perform!

"Train like an athlete - look like an athlete"!



I started running at 2yrs old and have always wanted to run FAST. After being brought to the athletics track behind my older brother I haven’t stopped.

At 7-14years I was winning national titles at the national Colgate athletics championships. I represented wellington and qualified for national finals through college while playing seeing men national league football and being selected for the U20 All Whites squad.

I currently compete in middle distance track and distance running, I have been competing with the best in the country for the last 12 years.

Football has always been a part of my life and I believe it is the world’s sport.

Music! I need it! Whether in my training, relaxing or partying. I enjoy anything from the beginning of blues to 60’s rock’n’roll, 70’s Rock, ‘The’ 80’s, 90’s rock and all the way to the EDM of today (note: none of today’s pop music is covered in that)

Then lot’s of movies and tv shows for my less active recoveries 😉

My aim as a fitness professional is to get your body working optimally so that you can push as hard as possible towards your goals, achieve them as fast as possible, and perform at your best possible potential.