Chris Garlick

Results Room Personal Trainer


Bachelor of Sport and Exercise, Majoring in Exercise Prescription and Training

  • Diploma in Exercise Science
  • Comprehensive First Aid Certificate


I was brought up to value an active and healthy lifestyle by my family, and this has developed into an immense passion for all areas of health and fitness. I can’t ever remember not playing sports or exercising, and my goal is to teach its benefits to everyone I meet.

I take pride in being an integral part of my client’s lives in helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, and believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is for everyone, regardless of age or ability. I am a promoter of long term health and fitness rather than quick fixes, and if you follow our training systems you will achieve your goals.



I have participated in a range of sports throughout my life (namely soccer and tennis), but have found my calling in combat sports. I started competitive, amateur Muay Thai kickboxing last year and have had good success in the ring. What I enjoy most about this sport is putting all my skills and hard work into action, following weeks of intense training and preparation.

I attribute my success to my motivation and determination, and believe my clients can enjoy the same success with the right coaching. I have coaching experience in this area, and have developed a training strategy to teach the fundamental skills of Boxing and Muay Thai.

Aside from combat sports, I really enjoy high intensity interval training (HIIT), due to the greater physiological and metabolic benefits it offers. This combined with eating nutritional, unprocessed food is a recipe for success.

When I’m not exercising, I enjoy socialising with my family and friends, travelling and reading up on ancient history.

I specialise in prescribing programmes that are personalised to meet the needs and goals of each client. Long term health and fitness is the goal, so let’s get started!