John Kendall

Results Room Personal Trainer


Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Sport & Exercise Science and Human Nutrition

  • 3yrs experience working as a Personal Trainer
  • Competed internationally in long jump and triple jump
  • Certificate in First Aid


I have always been an active person and love the competitive side of sport. I was drawn to athletics which allowed me to compete against others as well as myself. Whether it was for faster times or longer jumps, I constantly pushed myself to be better. This attitude has helped me to achieve national titles and international medals in both long and triple jump. It has also taught me that anything is possible if you commit to clear goals and work consistently towards them.

I went to university to understand the science of how we function and how to best apply that to training. I believe exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and both contribute to achieving maximum results. My philosophy for training is all about control and I place a lot of focus on correct technique.

I apply the full extent of my knowledge and experience to develop the best long-term training strategies.



My favourite sports are football and athletics, but I have also been involved in gymnastics, tennis, and mountain biking throughout the years. My current in-gym training consists of calisthenics (body weight movements), plyometrics (jumps), and weight lifting.

When I’m not training I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, getting in touch with nature and being part of a top ranking online gaming team.

I find it incredibly rewarding helping people to achieve their goals and watching them go above and beyond their perceived limits.