Rachelle Smith

Results Room Personal Trainer


Certificate in Personal Training (NZIS)

  • London City of Guilds (Level 4)
  • NASM Corrective Exercise
  • NASM Sports Specific
  • 10+yrs of dance
  • Comprehensive First Aid


From a young age I have been involved in health and fitness. It has grown into an aspect of my life that I have a deep passion for and enjoy sharing with others.
I do struggle to find a moment within my life that I was not involved in the fitness industry in one way or another; from ballet to hockey and cheerleading to bodybuilding I always strived to be the best I could possibly be.

Through all the positives I have had my fair share of struggles. After a back injury left me unable to do most activities that I took for granted, I worked hard with a trainer to regain mobility and the fitness levels I once had. That moment ignited something within that turned me into the trainer I am today.

I am a firm believer that nutrition is a large part of achieving your results, knowing this I chose to study both Culinary arts and nutrition so I could have a deeper understanding into the world that is health and fitness.



Over the years I have participated in a wide diverse range of sports and physical activities. For over 14 years I learnt the discipline and grace of Dance, competed in many competitions and won a few Scholarships along the way. This went hand in hand with Cheerleading at a National Level.

My main passion through my younger years lie within field hockey, I played in the pouring rain, early hours of the morning and late at night. To this day I still have a passion for hockey and take up any opportunity I can to get back on the turf.

Over the recent years, after taking up strength training, I chose to work towards my first bodybuilding show - the hard work and dedication paid off and I won. Yay!

“Goals are dreams that have a due date”

If I can help someone get to the goals they have set the way I was helped, then I can not think of anything more rewarding.