Benefits of working out while pregnant

Working out while pregnant is always a scary topic, especially for first-time mothers. However, there are many benefits to working out while pregnant that will help with not only your health but your baby’s health too.

But is it safe?

In most cases, working out while pregnant is safe and is even recommended. If you were active before pregnancy, it is usually safe to continue to work out during pregnancy.

However, now is not the time to exercise for weight loss. During pregnancy, your body will naturally gain weight and it is not a good idea to mess with this process. You should be exercising for health.

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting a new exercise regime while pregnant.

Benefits of working out while pregnant

·         Energy levels. During pregnancy, your body is putting a lot of effort into helping your baby grow, so regular exercise can help to boost your energy levels and help you feel more fresh and awake.

·         Back pain. While you’re pregnant you are putting a lot of strain on your back. Exercising will help to get you active and get your blood moving. This will help to stretch out your muscles and get them moving again, reducing back pain.  

·         Sleeping. Sleeping is an important part of pregnancy. Unfortunately, when you’re being kicked from the inside it can be hard to stay asleep. When you work out regularly, it will tire you and your baby and help you both get a good nights sleep.

·         Mood. Exercise releases a hormone called endorphins. The more you exercise, the more these are released into the body, making you feel happier.

·         Keeping fit! Regular exercise helps you to keep fit during pregnancy and may even improve your ability to cope with labor. It will also help you to get back in shape after your baby is born.

Exercises and actions to avoid during pregnancy

·         Activities where falling is more likely

·         Heavy lifting

·         Exercise that may cause any abdominal trauma, including activities that with jarring motions, contact sports or rapid changes in direction

·         Activities that require extensive jumping, hopping, skipping, or bouncing

·         Waist twisting movements while standing

·         Exercise in hot, humid weather

·         Do not hold your breath for an extended period of time

·         Do not exercise to the point of exhaustion

Exercising while pregnant can have some really great benefits for you and your baby. But always make sure to consult your healthcare professional before starting a new regime.

Eggplant Cannelloni


This is a great, low carb option, for those looking for a tasty but light dinner or lunch!


3x Eggplant

310g of Ricotta

250g of Spinach

25mls White Wine

¼ Onion

2 Cloves of garlic chopped

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper



-          Slice the eggplants into thin pieces, about 1cm thick, and fry on a char grilling pan until tender. Set aside to cool.

-          Chop and fry the onion and the garlic. Add the white wine and cook until it has evaporated.

-          Remove the stalks from the spinach and roughly slice the spinach leaves.

-          Add to the pan and stir until wilted.

-          Add the ricotta, salt and peper.

-          Lay strips of eggplant on a chopping board and put 2 – 3 tablespoons on filling at one end.

-          Roll upwards until in a circle and hey presto! You have Eggplant cannelloni.

-          Cover with your favourite pasta sauce and enjoy!

HIIT Training

Research shows that HIIT (high intensity interval training), burns more calories in 15 minutes than an hour run on a treadmill Not only do you burn double the calories during your HIIT workout, you will burn more calories for the next 24 hours after your HIIT session.

How it works

By pushing your body to its absolute limit while doing cardio, you are starving it of oxygen. This causes your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. Ever felt your muscles burn during a workout? That is them asking for more oxygen to help them to recover.

Because the oxygen levels have been depleted so rapidly and intensely, your body works twice as hard at putting the oxygen back into your muscles. This continues for the next 24 hours and helps to burn more calories.

How to do it

HIIT workout consists of you pushing your body to the absolute limit for a short period of time, recovering and then repeating. The best way to do this is a burn to rest routine. Push yourself as hard as you can for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds. Do this for as long as you possibly can or up until 30 minutes for an intense workout.

Great exercises for HIIT training

·         Skipping

·         Boxing

·         Running

·         High knees

·         Sprints

·         Jump Squats

·         Rowing

·         Cycling

Protein Pancakes

Protein pancakes are great for those lazy Sundays when you feel like something sweet for breakfast but don’t want to break your healthy eating routine! Instead of that morning protein shake, try these filling, healthy, and tasty protein pancakes.


·         1 scoop of your favourite protein powder

·         3x egg whites

·         ½ cup of rolled oats

·         2tsp baking powder

·         ½ banana

·         Yogurt (for serving)

You can also add some berries of your choice for an extra sweet treat.



Step 1: Blend up the rolled oats in a blender or food processor until they become a fine flour

Step 2: Add all other ingredients (except berries) to the blender or food processor and blend until it becomes a silky-smooth batter

Step 3: Scoop mixture out into a pouring jug.

Step 4: If using berries, gently fold the berries into the pancake mix.

Step 5: Place a frying pan on a medium heat and add some butter or coconut oil to prevent sticking

Step 6: Place a scoop of the pancake mixture into the hot pan. Cook pancakes until you see little bubbles appearing and the edges start to cook.

Step 7: Flip the pancake and cook the bottom side for 45 – 60 seconds.

Step 8: Remove pancake from frying pan and serve with yogurt and berries. 


Skipping September Challenge!

According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run!

Skipping is a full body workout which uses your abdominals to stabilise the body, legs for jumping, shoulders and arms for turning the rope, which is why this month, we have a skipping challenge for you! 

How fast can you skip in 2 minutes?

We are looking to have some fun but the best score will get a personalized Results Room T-shirt!

You can have as many tries as you can and by the 30th of September we will chose our winner and announce it on our October newsletter.

The rules are simple, skip for two minutes and have someone or your coach count the jumps for you (unless you could do it yourself) then record your time on the board. bonus points for capturing the event with a video!

Try work your way through the levels below so you can see how you improve over the month! 

Level 1 0-59

Level 2 60-119

Level 3 120-179

Level 4 180-239

Level 5 240+

See this amazing person skipping 1000 jumps in only 2:47 minutes! Use him as an inspiration or study him to help you reach a new record.

Good Luck!