March Challenge: Brick Session

This is one of my favourite conditioning workouts which me and one of my training buddies always used to do to finish of the session. In triathlon terms, a brick session is a form of training where you go straight from one sport into another. This 'mini' brick challenge is designed to replicate this by going from an all out row, and then into shuttle runs with a few burpees (thrown in just for fun) at the end. 

Set Up:

- Lay out three cones diving the track into equal quarters.

- Clear one lane in the track

What to do:

- Start timer and row 200m as fast as possible

- Perform two shuttle runs in the following sequence: Start to first cone, return, start to second cone, return, start to third cone, return, start to far wall, return. Repeat again.

- Perform 8 burpees


In the Results Room Spirit, push yourself and try a second round. Hey...maybe even a third.

Rest as long as you need between rounds, but the time keeps on ticking.


See how your speed, but more importantly your recovery improves throughout the month.