3 Reasons Why Your Workout isn't Working


Have you joined a gym with the expectation to get in shape? Maybe even got yourself a coach to help keep you on track?

.....but it's still not happening for you

You could be making these 3 mistakes?

  • You're Compensating

The easiest mistake to make is compensating for the good work you're doing. There's 3 main types of  compensation that are easy to do, and harder to notice.

1. Food Compensation - whatever your workout, chance are that it is making you hungrier. Making up for the hard workouts you're doing by eating extra can sometimes slow progress towards your goal.

2. Activity Compensation - when you're not actually working out at the gym you are sedentary too much of the time.

3. Facebook Compensation - posting about the workout you're going to do or the new healthy recipe you've found don't actually make it real. Make sure you aren't receiving that dopamine hit from telling everyone what you're gonna do, then not doing it.

  • You've Shifted Responsibility

When you pay for a gym membership and/or get a trainer it can feel like you've done it. All your health hopes and wishes will fall into place now that you're paying this magical person. Unfortunately, this is just the start of a long journey that requires you to be more invested in your results than your gym or trainer.

They are there as support, but ultimately success will fall on your shoulders and will depend on your personal ownership of your goals, and the responsibility you place on yourself to get there. If you catch yourself blaming a trainer or gym membership for your lack of results it's time to take a hard look in the mirror.

  • You're Doing the Same Things You've Always Done

Your body is smarter and more honest than your brain. It won't lie to itself or reinforce beliefs. It simply stands as a reflection of the way it's been treated. The food that has been put in it and the activity that it has performed.

When embarking on new goals it can be tempting to stick with what you've done before, what you enjoy, or what your friends are doing. The problem is that most of these things will not be sufficient to create change for you. Optimal results will come about from adding different behaviours into your life - whether these are food or exercise focused or both - these behaviours need to be different enough that your clever body is forced to change.

If you've always run, add some weights. Have stuck with yoga in the past, try rock-climbing. Been doing your same 3 day split routine for the last 2 years, try some triathlon. A big enough change will elicit a response from your body and a need to adapt to this new stimulus.

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