The 3 top things that will start your morning right


There are many things that you could do to get off to the right start each day. The list could become so cumbersome you don't do any of them, so we've boiled it down to the 3 key ingredients that will create not just the perfect morning, but improve the quality of your overall day, and life. 1. Have a healthy morning routine

Everybody has some form of routine they follow, whether they know it or not. This could be a routine of chaos where every decision is a painstaking battle based on the whim of the moment. Shall you have oats or eggs, catch the bus or walk, check your emails at home or work? Every mundane choice made at this point of the day is wearing you down little by little, before you get to really important decisions later in the day.

Or it could be a well ingrained routine of poor habits. Every morning get up late, skip breakfast, grab a Red Bull on the way to work and consider the walk from the bus stop your days exercise.

What you want, is to have your morning automated as much as possible. To create a long-term healthy morning routine you'll first need to do 3 things:

  1. Pick your healthy habits to create the routine that fits your lifestyle.
  2. Do them everyday until the habit is formed (usually 4-6 weeks).
  3. Give yourself small rewards while successfully building the habit.

Your automated routine will then help you get through your key morning duties with less stress and time pressure, while freeing you up to make good quality decisions where they're needed more.

automated morning routine

2. Eat breakfast every day

Part of the ideal morning routine must involve breakfast. We'llstop you before you think to yourself "but I'm not hungry in the morning". If this is the case, you've either; a. eaten too much for your dinner; or b. just not built this healthy habit into your routine through enough repetition yet. Your body may just not be used to being fed at this time if it's something you've neglected for a long time.

Breakfast doesn't have to be eaten first thing (it could come after your morning exercise), but it should happen within the first few hours of waking up. Your bodies hormone levels are directly affected in a positive way when you provide good quality nutrition first thing. Failure to do this can result in lethargy, nutrient definiciency and poor eating choices for the rest of the day.

Find a breakfast option you enjoy and can eat at least every week day. Stock your fridge with what you need, buy a Tupperware to take it to work - whatever you need to do to remove obstacles and make it happen.


3. Exercise first thing

What everyday? Yes, everyday! It doesn't always have to be a sweaty session, but can be any type of movement session or active recovery. This should also be part of your pre-decided routine because if you're following the plan of your 'ideal exercise week' you'll already know what to do on each and every morning.

Take the "will I or won't I?" out of it. If you know you're always doing something at the same time every morning, very quickly that becomes a habit that's so ingrained you'll feel a sense of loss if you skip a day.

If your health and fitness goals are to lose weight, get fitter, or tone up, then at least 4 sweaty sessions each week is recommended. On top of that you'll schedule your daily movement. Good morning options could be a yoga session, a walking meeting at work, or running the dog round the park before work.

For help with developing your ideal week plan contact a Results Room Coach.

These 3 key actions will improve your morning, set you up for a better day, and ultimately enrich your entire life. So get started tomorrow morning!

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