3 habits that will create more time for you to be active.

"I can't possibly fit exercise into my busy life". If this sounds like you then what you're really saying is "I'm not prioritising my health highly enough to make time for exercise".

This is a common belief, that there's just not enough time to get everything we have to do done, let alone to add in exercise. How on earth will we monitor our phones for that urgent email, scan facebook/linkedin to see important updates, or max out our high score on Candy Crush as well as exercise?

Here's a few tricks to help you make time:

1. Be boring

People who successfully make time to engage in regular exercise are boring - when it comes to their exercise plan. They have a routine with certain days and times that repeat every week. On Monday 5pm they do blah, Tuesday morning is such and such, Wednesday is thing-amy jig, etc. With a repetitive routine you take away the whole "energy sucking" process of having to decide what to do and when. This doesn't mean you must do the same exercise on those set days and times, but it does mean that you know without fail that on a Monday evening you're going to be doing some form of exercise.

2. Limit your Online time

Online is the new TV. It is a time-sucking fat-making tool. A tool is all it is and like all tools it shouldn't be used non-stop throughout the day. A builder doesn't carry his hammer around in his hand all day - he has a belt where he puts it for a break. Just like you should be giving your claw-like mouse hand a break by getting it to hold dumbells instead. Like your exercise should have routine so should your online time. The perfect thing to do when you're taking a break from your workstation is to get out for a half hour sweaty session.

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original time

3. Engage in real social media

Talk to a real live person. That's right, instead of having 400 friends on Facebook, get social with your real friends on a weekly basis. A great way to catch up with people is to grab a takeaway espresso or your local cafes tasty salad and walk the waterfront, the botanical gardens or just to each others work place to meet up. Meetings done this way instead of at a cafe or in a boardroom are another good way to get the office more active. For long-term change at work this must become a part of the company fabric and culture, not just a one off.

Busy people should work even harder to make time to exercise. It's this maintenance of personal health and fitness that will keep busy folk working more productively into longer careers. Just check out the example below, arguably the busiest couple in the world, Barrack & Michelle Obama