5 Ways to keep your produce fresher


These pointers may seem obvious, and they are, but with just a little bit of forethought you can be enjoying crispy nutritious veges in your own home for longer.  

  • Shop Regularly

    • The freshest vegetables will always be the ones you've bought on the day. Buying small amounts of fresh veg every 1-2 days will certainly give you best freshness. Less than weekly buying will only leave you with sad wilted produce that you wont even want to use.
  • Shop Locally

    • Produce from a local farmers market will tend to be fresher than that imported from further afield by somewhere like a supermarket. Less travel time means these growers can pick at the last minute before they sell. (Plus you'll be supporting your local economy).
  • Shop Strategically

    • Different produce have different shelf lives. Plan to use the easily perishable soonest after purchase, and make sure you buy some more robust veges for use later in the week. Root vegetables and cruciferous veg (broccoli, cauli, cabbage, etc.) tend to store best, while you may want to use up your delicate veg (lettuce, spinach, leafy greens) earlier while they're still pert.
  • Cook Intelligently

    • Having a rough idea of what meals you'll make during the week will help save your veges.
      • You can use the more perishable veg in your early week menu items.
      • Cook larger batches of food and freeze the leftovers for later.
      • Cook similar menus during the week that minimise the need to buy vastly different produce. eg. Buying plenty of capsicums, bok choy and coriander, and then cooking various asian inspired dishes that week that will use these similar ingredients. This is also where having a well-stocked pantry helps provide variety with flavours.
  • Store Properly

    • Most vegetables will keep best in the fridge compartment designed for them. To encourage longer life you can also get them into airtight containers in the fridge, or sealed plastic bags.