Andrea - It's only five months since I joined and I can't believe how much progress I've made


A handful of years ago I walked the Auckland marathon, with a huge pre-training programme as part of the deal. By December 2014 both the marathon and exercise had become a distant memory. Since that time, I'd had a series of minor injuries and somehow lost interest in exercising.  I was feeling "blobby" and something had to change.  I decided to give Results Room a try.  It's only five months since I joined and I can't believe how much progress I've made, both from where I was in myself and feeling about where to go with my personal goals. I've lost 3 kg, my strength training is going really well and I'm feeling great in a relatively short space of time.  My personal best with the deadlift is 92 kg now - with three digits in sight - who knows?  This has been an unexpected bonus, as my main reason for joining Results Room was to get fitter and healthier - I didn't have a strength goal in my mind at that time.  I've found something I really enjoy doing - and the six week checkpoints provide me with great progress markers along the way.  If someone had said to me back in December that I'd be achieving the weights I am with the strength exercises and wanting to be at the gym for the sessions each week (even though it means getting up before dawn), I wouldn't have believed them.  I'm not at the gym every day - this has been achieved with just two sessions a week.

I feel that without Jas' training this wouldn't have been possible - and I love hearing about her goals and achievements.

I still consider myself fairly new on my journey - and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me. My ultimate goal is to be in a store in Milan next year buying clothing in a ‘regular’ size.