Angela - Keeping the Results Room 'real food' diary helped a lot. It is so easy to eat badly when you're travelling for business...


I live in Sydney, Australia. In July, I was sent to Wellington to work on a three-month assignment for work. When I travel for business, I typically spend my business travel allowance on spoiling myself with fine dining, room service, and too many cocktails. This time, I decided I would be more productive with my allowance and set a realistic goal to improve my health and fitness in what I knew was a fixed amount of time. I wanted to improve on the light exercise routine I'd been kidding myself with. I wanted to change - I wanted personal training. I knew that training would keep me occupied while I was away from home, discourage me from eating and drinking empty calories, and really give me the shove I needed to get real results.

This was one of the best decisions I'd ever made.

When I first visited Results Room to see what it was all about, I met Dan. He was super-friendly and immediately put me at ease. He told me about the three-month Results Accelerator membership, which is comprised of three half-hour personal training sessions a week. It was perfect for my situation, so I signed up for my free trial with Ko.

Not surprisingly, the freebie worked a treat; Ko won me over and we agreed to commit to a three-month plan.

Our sessions were always challenging, had lots of variety, and catered to what I needed. Ko provided a winning balance of encouragement and pushiness, which I needed. As my strength and fitness improved, he would make me up the ante, thus continually giving me more to strive for.

Despite all my whining about getting up early, the ridiculous Wellington weather, and my lack of confidence in doing new exercises, Ko was always so level-headed, encouraging and positive. We got along really well too - despite picking on each other's accents and respective Aussie/Kiwi mannerisms. I think a good relationship with your trainer is so key. There has to be understanding and respect, but a sense of being able to look forward to a session that is both social and productive.

What was really cool was when we had our checkpoints and seeing my measurements slowly but steadily decreasing. It felt awesome to have achieved these changes, not just for myself, but also for Ko.

The Results Room food philosophy is a good one and keeping a food diary helped a lot. It is so easy to eat badly when you're travelling for business, so having this program forced me to improve my habits of indulgence, and ultimately made a difference.

Three months is a short amount of time to expect drastic changes. So although the changes in my numbers are relatively small, they are still significant. I've lost a few kilos and a few centimetres, my core is much stronger, my body fat percentage is several clicks down, and my fitness level is way up.

Most importantly, Ko and I worked on ensuring I would be able to continue exercising when I got back home to Australia. I am now armed with knowledge of good technique and a barrage of new exercises. Ko's sessions have motivated me to maintain the results we achieved. So far I have been good :)

If I'm ever back in Wellington, I will no doubt be visiting Results Room. Thank you Ko - it's been 'sweet as'!