Ankle and lower leg mobility


If you missed our inhouse mobility session, or just want to review what was covered so you can remember your homework, then here it is.

Testing the ankle range

We used both squatting and kneeling lunge tests. These are good indicators of where your starting point is for your lower leg mobility. Take note of this starting point so that you can measure your progress.

Warming up the foot

Taking a small hard ball spend a minute per foot rolling all the areas of your foot. Along and across the arches, under the heel, the ball of the foot, and under the toes. Spend more time where you feel increased tenderness.

Kneeling foot stretch with toes under / toes straight

Spend a few minutes in each of these positions. Remember that the more rearward your body weight goes the more stretch will go through your toes. Keep your body weight forward to start with (you can even support yourself with a bench or chair in front of you) and then as you get more comfortable aim to lean back over the toes.


Foam rolling the calf and shin

We then spent the majority of our time rolling through various sides of the lower leg. Starting on the rear of the calf muscle we spent a minute rolling across the muscle, likewise on the side of the calf, and then around to the front of the shin where we rolled both shins at once.

An option for you if the foam roller doesn't feel like it is getting in well enough, is to go back to the same ball you used earlier and use that in place of the roller. This will allow more precise focus on tight areas.

Remember to use the cue we went over, which was to roll across the muscle rather than with the muscle. If you're short on time skip ahead to 3 minutes into this video.

Make sure you do at least two of these mobility drills for 5 minutes daily. Choose the ones you find most difficult/painful. It doesn't have to be 5 minutes in one session, you can break it up throughout the day - the best way to ensure you do it daily is to tie it into another daily activity you may have; like watching TV, checking Facebook on the ipad, or winding down before bed.