Battle Ropes Alternating Waves


Recently returned to level 1 of Results Room are the two battle ropes that had been retired after noise complaints from our upstairs neighbours. But not to be disheartened we've relocated them onto our lower level, at the end of the track, nearest the main door. So far so good - we don't seem to be having the same noise issues - so get some use out of these amazing tools.

The key to getting the most effective workout (and keeping the noise factor down) is to create a smooth wave with the ropes, and not a hard smacking on the ground.

Your set up:

  • Various stances can be used. The athletic (slightly squatted) stance is the most common and easiest to learn.
  • Grip the rope like you would if you were the drummer for ACDC.
  • Create a continuous wave with the rope. This means not just slapping down, but also working on the upward phase too.


  • This is an excellent exercise for adding some anaerobic intensity to a workout. Add short intervals to ramp up your session.
  • Great worker of the shoulders (including the stabilising muscles) and the core.
  • Improved coordination for sports like boxing.
  • Increase grip strength and endurance.

Thanks to Fitness First for the useful video.

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