Bernadette H - Once the first session was over, I was hooked.


Earlier this year I brought two GrabOne vouchers - one for me and one for my husband Nick. I nearly let them expire, but it was the moment when I thought “I’ve spent the money we should really make the most it” that actually made me send that first email to Chris. Once the first session was over, I was hooked–yes I’m one of those lucky people who gets the post exercise buzz. I already belonged to a gym, walked everyday and played squash (not well) a couple of times a week, so I wasn’t starting from nothing but I have come a long way in the four and a bit months I have been training with Chris. I also get a lot more out of my circuit at the gym, as I’m sure I can hear Chris saying “are you really working hard enough to call it a sweaty session?”.

The first 6 week check in proved to be very interesting; I couldn’t believe how easily my diversion points added up, that occasional wine wasn’t really just occasional it was a regular fixture. The second 6 weeks I went without wine (apart from my husbands birthday), as I don’t drink any other alcohol it was 6 weeks dry and it wasn’t even dry July! I also made myself watch out for the other diversions as well (bread, pasta, muesli bars), with a goal of having more sweaty session points than diversions over that 6 week period rather than being in the serious negatives. Actually after week two it wasn’t that hard and it was worth it. Another 2cm from my waist, 3kgs off my weight and yes I could run further in the 12mins (and I could have kept going) and do more push ups.

I have done PT training before but this something different and well worth doing.