Cable Wood Chop


As a piece of equipment, cables are some of the most versatile. They allow the ability to add resistance in small increments, and enough dynamism that speed and power can also be added to the movement pattern. The cable woodchop is the perfect exercise to show-case these benefits, and is perfect for everyone from the at home mum wanting to build 'child carrying' strength, to a elite level sportsperson wanting explosive power for their sport.

Reverse Cable Wood Chop (low to high)

This chopping motion has huge carry over into everyday living. Bending down, twisting, and lifting are movements that we perform all the time. Being strong and mobile through all these positions is paramount to avoiding injury. How many people do you know who've tweaked there back grabbing the groceries out of the car boot? Enough said.

By building good body position, posture, strength, and then adding speed, you can feel confident in your everyday lifting, and help avoid those frustrating back issues.

Cable Wood Chop (high to low)

Make sure you include this chopping exercise from different angles. The standard chop goes from a high point (anywhere around chest - above head height) and down across to hip level. This mimics and actual 'wood chop' if you had to cut down a tree. It should feel like swinging a bat at someones knees - picture someone you're not so fond of and let rip.