Carl - I'm always keen to get to the results room and start sweating


What do I love about the Results Room? Where do I start? I think the best thing is the atmosphere. Because of the emphasis on personal training almost everyone in the gym is interacting with their trainer - there are no zombies plugged in to iPods plodding away on treadmills. Everyone is friendly, fun, says hello and makes you feel welcome.

In what other gym can you get to know all the staff by name AND most of the other clients as well? The Results Room team are fantastic. Energetic, professional, interested, and also friendly and relaxed. They clearly get on well together and that contributes to the great atmosphere. They listen to you and create a programme that's going to get you where you want to be. Every session is different and that variety (plus knowing Mal's waiting for me!) means that I'm always keen to get to the Results Room and start sweating.

People at the Results Room work hard AND have fun. I love it!