Why it's cheaper to eat healthy


This has to be one of the most used excuses we hear.... "It's too expensive to eat healthy". It can come from people who don't want the responsibility for getting a handle on their eating, as well as people who just haven't thought seriously about what they're saying. First, lets just say.... It's LIES! Whether you're a couple or a family, it is much cheaper to buy healthy. All it takes is some planning, a little bit of thought, and a willingness to want to put better food into your body.

bad food
bad food

5 Habits to avoid that will make your food bills soar.

  1. Daily grocery shopping
  2. Frequent dining out (including takeaways)
  3. Buying ANY drinks.
  4. Not keeping a stocked fridge and pantry
  5. Doing all your shopping at one place.

 5 Must Do's to keep the food bills down.

1. Grocery shop weekly. Get all your dry goods and dairy in one go. Even better order it online to remove that temptation of impulse buying. It's worth the $13 delivery fee.

2. Get your fresh fruit and veges from a market. Find your local weekly markets and get there. Buy seasonal. It's easy to tell what's in season - it's not crazy expensive. Say no to $6 capsicums!

3. Find a good butcher for your meat (and fish). Have enough freezer space to buy lots of whats on special and freeze the extra. You should only need to do this shop fortnightly at the most.

4. Eat out as a treat, not a way of life. How else will you have a great lunch to take to work the next day if you're always  having takeaways?

The average price of a takeaway meal compared to homemade (for 2 people):

Curry                               Take away    $40                                                   Homemade   $20

Burgers                                                $30                                                                          $15

Fish & Chips                                        $15                                                                          $10

Pizza                                                    $5-25                                                                       $10-15

5. Do not buy drinks. Drinks have to be the most expensive item on the shopping list, as well as being a chief cause of frittering away money without you noticing. A Red Bull or V for a pick me up in the morning $4 cha ching. Coffee at morning tea. $5 cha ching. A smoothy with lunch. $7 cha ching. Another energy drink in the afternoon $4 cha ching. Finally a well deserved bottle of wine to take home for dinner. $? depends how fancy you are. Where'd that $30 go?

Really all we need to drink is water. It's free. It's in your tap at home and probably in the cooler at work. Free is good.

Now go clean out that freezer draw and schedule yourself some market time this weekend.