Chris - I wouldn’t have been able to do it without having to be accountable to Alice each week


I have been a member of the Results Room since June of 2014. I joined after hearing about the positive experience a work colleague was having at the Results Room and my interest was piqued. I have been a runner for the past 7 years and run with 2 buddies, you may have seen us around Wellington, 3 middle aged women not particularly slim or fast but always wearing bright pink tee shirts and often with a black dog. Over the past year I have been plagued with injuries, just to get over one and then develop another, which became very frustrating. When I joined the Results Room I was only able to run for 2 minute intervals and was starting to think my running days were over.

So, my goals when joining the Results Room were to get back to running without injuries and to lose 6kgs. This extra weight had crept on, even though I was fairly active over the past 3 or 4 years and I put it down to “getting older” which may be partly true but after starting the real food programme I realized it had more to do with what I put into my mouth. I am a great lover of bread, vogel’s toast and peanut butter or Acme baguettes being my default when I was hungry or stuck for something to eat.

Changing my eating habits was a challenge and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without having to be accountable to Alice each week. Writing down what I am eating each day helps me see if I am getting a balanced diet and makes sure I am consuming as many vegetables as possible which had been not ideal prior to starting the real food programme. I have been able to cut the bread back to the occasional diversion and have been surprised how my energy levels have not dipped without it.

I love my P.T. sessions with Alice, she is always so positive and encouraging. I really feel I work as hard as possible in my half hour session with her. Her advice has been invaluable so much so my running buddies have named Alice my new BFF, but secretly they like to hear what she has to say and we now all religiously stretch post run thanks to Alice.

Since June and joining Results Room I have lost nearly 4kg in weight, and have lost a whopping 30cms in total body measurements . I can run for an hour at time and so far so good I am injury free, I feel great lots of energy, my clothes fit better and I know I wouldn’t have come this far without the Results Room and Alice.