Christie - the best part is you MUST see a trainer once a week


Over the years I’ve been a member of many different gyms. All of them differing in one way or another, however the common theme with these gyms is that I would go for the first couple of months then would lose motivation, not see results and end up just paying them an ongoing 'gym sponsorship fee' for the use of absolutely nothing. Results Room are NOT like that at all. For the first time in my life I CAN actually see the results! Results Room and all the staff have been amazing, they are genuinely concerned about your wellbeing and this mixed with their large array of experience ensures you DO see the results you are wanting to achieve. They cater a personalised plan that includes both exercise and healthy eating while consistently monitoring your progress with actual measureable data.

The best part is you MUST see a trainer once a week which means you have no other reason than to be accountable for your actions. Results Room is the perfect place to go for ongoing support and to achieve your personal goals and results. I would recommend Results Room to everyone!