December's Christmas Present Delivery Challenge


December's challenge has a very Christmassy theme. The challenge is to deliver as many presents to the kids as you can! The battle ropes represent the reins and you lashing your reindeer to go faster, while the sled is used once the reindeer are tired. You'll have to push the sled full of presents the final distance. You can only do this challenge on level one where the battle ropes are located.

Set Up

You'll need the two battle ropes laid out in the lane (furthest from the windows), and the sled loaded at either 30kg (men) or 20kg (women), sitting in the other lane.


  1. You will perform two-armed battle ropes for 30 seconds.
  2. Upon completion of this you will have two minutes to push your sled for the maximum distance possible on the track.
  3. You will use the tracks quarter-markings to score your final distance.
  4. The furthest distance delivers the most presents and wins.

Good luck! Ho ho ho!