What to expect from a Results Coach


At Results Room we believe in being more than a traditional personal trainer. By our very promise to challenge each members results each time they come, we believe we have a responsibility to continually go above and beyond with regards to delivering a high standard of service and results. Our coaching guidelines focus on 5 cornerstones:

1. Weekly Personal Training

Challenging our members to achieve their results works best with regular weekly checkin points. Such regular face to face sessions enables your coach to constantly measure progress and make changes whenever needed. These sessions will be made up what you need the most. This could be:

  • physical sweaty sessions
  • goal setting, tracking, feedback & planning
  • mobility and stretching
  • off-site visit; to supermarket, your workplace, or your home.

2. Sweaty Session Training design

You'll receive fully programmed workouts for your entire week, even if you are only coming into Results Room for a single session. Comprehensive planning of your entire exercise plan and not just your face to face sessions ensures quickest results. You and your coach come up with your 'ideal week', and put a plan in place to achieve this.

3. The Real Food Programme

Exercise is only half the recipe for success. They say "what you eat in private today, you wear in public tomorrow", and it's true that a programme focusing on exercise only will not yield optimal results. That's why every Results Room membership includes The Real Food Programme, access to real food recipes, the Real Food Club, and the 6 Week Real Food Challenge.

4. Accountability System

Consistency in anything worth doing is the key. One lone workout, however good won't make any difference. Just like one fantastically healthy meal won't improve your health. With your coaches support you'll find ways to challenge yourself on a continual basis, and to see your progress measured along the way. Coupled with a formal 'sit down' feedback session every 6 weeks to assess what's working and what's not, you know you'll be smashing those goals out of the park.

5. Wellness Coaching

All members receive a Breakthrough Caching Session after being with us for three months. Held by Wellness Coaching professionals at Access Vitality, this can provide added insight and tactics if things aren't quite going to plan. Likewise it can be used to identify the success points and develop further good habits to build upon even more success.

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