Your emergency food pack - are you ready when disaster strikes?


This sounds like the a Civil Defence emergency advertisement, and to some people it is. This situation can strike the best of us, and with it can come rash food decisions, poor choices, and a high diversion count, all because of not being prepared. Take a few minutes at the grocery store next time to stock up on a few emergency essentials. While not as good as preparing your lunch with dinner the night before, these will options will be far superior to Subway, sushi, or most other convenience foods.

Emergency Pack Essentials:

  • Wild rice / brown rice pouch
  • Baked kumera or potato; wrapped and frozen
  • Tinned tuna in water or oil
  • Tinned salmon in water or oil
  • Shredded chicken or ham; frozen into portions
  • Frozen vegetables - peas, beans, etc.
  • Salad in a jar; make weekly keep in fridge

There are no hard and fast rules on what exactly you put in your own pack. Having one is better than not having one. Choose foods you like, and that still meet the Real Food Guidelines.