February Challenge - Fast Feb Chipper


This one will really test your mettle. If you've been holding off for a challenge where you can throw some tin around then this could be it.

Set up:

You'll need a rower set up . One kettlebell (all weights given below; men/women). One sled loaded with suitable weight.

You'll be using the track so make sure one lane is clear of obstructions, with room to turn your sled at the ends.


You must complete a total of:
  • 500m rower
  • 5 x 50kg/35kg sled pushes
  • 50 x 16kg/12kg kettle-bell swings
  • 5 x 50kg/35kg sled pulls

You may do them in any order and any number combination of the above until you have completed all the reps needed. But, there's one more thing.............

You also MUST start with 5 room runs, and finish with 5 room runs (these cannot be mixed up and must be performed at the start and finish). You are not finished the chipper until you have finished the last room run.

For any technique cues please see these videos on the kettlebell swing and rower.