Alex - When I first began training at Results Room the scales didn't work...

I joined Results Room at the end of July in 2012, less than a year later my life has changed drastically with results far beyond my expectations, all achieved with assistance of the Results Room team. When I first began training at Results Room the scales didn't work, it's not a great feeling going for your first day at the gym and being so heavy that you can't even be weighed! My trainer Mal however pointed out this was a great first goal to aim to break, to get the scales working. A week later we achieved that goal with my first weigh in at 151kgs. Ever since then Results Room's trainers have steered me towards breaking new goals in my fight to get fit and in shape with astounding results measured by weekly weigh-ins and measurements to keep me on track. My results have been achieved through a healthier approach to eating with a 'Real Food' focus in my diet now after education and ongoing discussion with my trainer. The other factor has been 2-3 personal training sessions a week with ever changing variety of exercises thought up by the trainers that I have had so I never got bored.

I have had experience training with multiple trainers at the gym, the consistency is outstanding and every one of them push you to achieve to your full potential whether it be a half hour session or full hour you always finish feeling satisfied with what you have achieved in the time. The trainers all make you feel welcome no matter if they specifically train you or not, and if you have a question or want some advice there will be someone there to help.

I would recommend Results Room to anyone looking to get in shape, or with goals that they might need a little bit of help reaching. Having someone there to keep you motivated and committed that holds you to your goals and challenges has been the most helpful thing for me as I work towards goals I never would have dreamed of a year ago!

Some results which really speak for the experience that I have had at the Results Room over the past year:

- Lost 62kgs
- Lost 50cm around my waist, 23cm around my chest & 56cm around my glutes
- Decreased my body fat from 35% to 12.1%
- Gained a new sense of pride in myself, through eating 'Real Food' and exercise
- Gained a willingness to exercise and get outside to better my health
- Improved my general fitness, began running, started cycling within the city instead of busing, tried kickboxing, the list goes on!


Alex McArthur