Get your push up right


Possibly the most often performed exercise..... ever. And, probably the most incorrectly performed as well. It is highly portable requiring no equipment, and uses the large muscle groups of the chest, shoulders, arms and core. This gives a lot of strength and conditioning results in return for your time spent training them. Just like any exercise though, push ups should be part of a planned training programme designed by a professional coach - if you want to get the best results.

Because the push up looks so simple, it can fool us into thinking there is no real technique to the movement. As this video shows, there are 4 key success cues, and 4 common mistakes.

Successful Technique should have:

  1. Hand position just outside of shoulder width, and alongside chest.
  2. Perform a full range of motion.
  3. Elbows tuck back.
  4. Stay in a plank position throughout movement, with core/glutes engaged.

Avoid these habits:

  1. Elbows flaring too widely.
  2. Hands positioned too far forward of the shoulders.
  3. Shortening of range of motion.
  4. Poor posture, either head hanging down or hips hanging low.

Thanks to FitnessFAQs for this informative video.