Helen - my life has undergone an irreversible change


I started training with Adam 3 years ago – and then he left me to move overseas – I saw him for about a year and in that time I lost 10 – 15Kg’s, looked ok and was pretty happy To add some context – I weighed well over 112Kg’s the first time I trained with Adam.

When I found out he was coming back to NZ I was pretty excited to say the least – at one stage he was my first and only friend. Lol!

I started seeing Adam and we did the first weigh in – I had put back on almost everything I had lost the first time, and started smoking again. I was not in great shape to say the least.

I spent the first month of being a member of Results Room basically sounding the place out (hating life), I dislike gyms and to be honest only met Adam because my brother in law made me (he is crazy!). I was not focusing on my food. Every so often Adam would bring it up and I would shoot it back down again, then came the Real Food Challenge, so we decided to set that date for me to start properly addressing my food. That date came and went for me, however 2 days later whilst wallowing in self-pity I decided (finally) enough was enough.

Since that day I would refer to myself as a clean eating/ paleo/ real food/ primal/ keto hybrid and I love it. But the diet only forms one very large part of my transformation. I live up a hill in Mount Vic.  4 months ago I would have been getting taxi’s home to avoid the horrific feeling I used to get walking up it – I was so unfit it was scary. I can now power walk the hill home after getting destroyed at the gym.

To say I have many issues is an understatement. I suffer from depression, an anxiety disorder and OCD to name a few. I am still yet to make it into the gym on my own, however I can now leave the house to go for a walk on my own on a Sunday, this is something which I couldn’t have done 4 months ago, and I owe that to Adam for his support in this area and not being too pushy (for once ha ha ha)

I am now under 100kg, having lost 13Kg’s and am still going strong, I have a passion for nutrition and exercise – although it is horrific still going through that mental change! I have lost some crazy amounts off my waist and hips etc., look and feel the best  I ever have, and have to make sure the safety is constantly on my guns. ;-)

I have started blogging/face booking my journey (Skinny Minnie – follow me ;-) ) to try and help others who were once as lost as me. And I shop at common sense organics, AND have started creating my own recipes - WTF!!! I made muffins the other day using LSA and coconut flour – I didn’t even know what that was a few months ago.

I am really grateful to the Results Room, and especially Adam, I don’t think I could have asked for a more understanding trainer (or sarcastic one). And obviously pretty amazing at what he does! My total weight loss goal is 40KG’s and we are over 25% of the way. In two and a half months, and I can safely say my life has undergone an irreversible change. My idea of health has changed from being unhealthily thin to someone who is lean with little body fat and nice toned muscles, thanks to the support Adam has given me, this image/dream is now becoming a reality.

Helen L afterHelen L before