Helen Young - After a hard days work, it is a joy coming into Results Room.


It has been an awesome journey since joining Results Room back in 2012, and I really love the team at Results Room, there is a great team spirit. I have learnt so much from Results Room especially about eating 'real food' and 'sweaty' sessions, which has been really valuable to me, and in fact it inspired me to do some part-time exercise science studies last year which I really enjoyed.

Every week I have my trainer Nikki McCarthy pushing me with my training and encouraging me to eat real food. I must say my food diary is looking much better than when I first started, because of what Results Room has taught me. Training with Nikki since 2012 I have lost about 10kg and increased my strength ability, and I am really pleased about that. Thank you Nikki for helping me to achieve the results I wanted. I would also like to thank Erika who has just been my trainer for a short time, but she has been really motivating and encouraging as well. After a hard days work, it is a joy coming into Results Room and seeing my trainers and getting a sweaty session :-)