Hungry for Change


The main message of the Documentary 'Hungry for Change' is around returning to pre-food-industrialisation eating habits, while avoiding the processed foods we're constantly surrounded with, and the marketing we're bombarded by today. It explains in depth that we're being fed not food - but food-like products. It goes on to bust the low-fat diet, show what harm processed fats are doing to us, and shed light on the issue with sugar. As well as highlighting how our dietry intake has changed completely in the last 100 years... to the detriment of our health.

If you can get your hands on the full documentary it is well worth a watch and puts forward a very clear message of where our issues with food lie, while debunking some alarmingly common Food Industry propoganda.

All I could find on the YouTubes (besides the Hungry for Change trailer) was this interesting video from Jamie Oliver. An edited bit of this Ted Talk appears in the movie, and as always he has a pretty good way of presenting the facts.

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We hope you enjoy.