Jerry - It’s a great gym; friendly, welcoming, you feel like a person not a member.


We moved here from the UK in November 2013 where I’d previously joined countless gyms, paid the monthly fees which ended up being more like a charity donation as I always lost motivation after about 6 weeks, stopped going and kept paying the subs…

I joined Results Room on recommendation from colleagues. My goals were to make fitness part of my lifestyle – one of the main reasons for moving here to New Zealand – and to inspire my kids, Mya Grace and Hari Jai to want to get into sport by seeing their Dad doing stuff.

My weekly PT sessions have been boxing based with trainer Simon Giannotti, and I think it says everything about his motivational skills in that I haven’t missed one session in 8 months. He’s technically excellent and has given me a great foundation, building on that to really push my overall strength and fitness. He’s completely focussed on each session – mixes it up to keep it interesting and challenging – and has a great ability to get me going on those days when I’ve not really felt like it. I couldn’t recommend Simon highly enough.

To help with my running technique I’ve also had sessions with Adam – I’ve had a recurring achilles tendon flare up after any distance races. He reviewed my running style, gave me some strength building exercises as well as pre and post stretching techniques and it’s been hugely beneficial – two 10k’s and one 18k mountain run since February and no problems.

It’s a great gym – friendly, welcoming, you feel like a person not a member.

One of the best outcomes for me? My daughter Mya, aged 4 ½ joins in my exercise and stretching routine – she can smash 3 press up now! And Hari, aged 3 ½ has his own boxing gloves and a left hook which puts me down every time!