July Challenge

Seven is the theme. Seven exercises and seven reps.

Complete all exercises and record your time. See how you improve throughout the month or build some friendly competitiveness among your fellow members.

The Menu:

  1. Room run x7 lengths
  2. Burpees x7 (modify if needed)
  3. Sled push x7 lengths
  4. Power bag squat press x7 (modify if needed)
  5. Push up x7 (box, floor or rings)
  6. Ring row x7 (or pull ups)
  7. 700m row
Do these exercises seven times.


Male 35kg minimum

Female 25kg minimum

Power Bag:

Male 15kg minimum

Female 10kg minimum

Consult with your coach for exercise modifications to suit your ability. You can also break up the sled push and rower distances if needed.

Have fun!