July challenge - 3 Hole Mini Putt Golf


Your goal is to sink the golf ball in the 'putting hole' from 3 different tee off spots, and to do it in the least number of total strokes.

Set up:

Your trainer will set up the putting hole at the end of the track on level 2.

The first tee off spot is from the 1/4 track marker. The second tee off is from the 1/2 way marker. The final tee off is from the 3/4 marker. Cones will be marking these 'tee off' spots.


If your shot gets the ball in the hole, you get to take another shot with no penalty. But, if your shot misses the hole you must take a burpee penalty - immediately - before your next shot.

These burpee penalties accrue for every additional miss that you have eg. the first miss you have = 1 burpee, the 2nd miss is 2 burpees, and so on.

Post your total number of burpees onto the Challenge Wall once you've completed the challenge. The lowest number of burpees wins.