Karmyn - I was going to sort out my own exercise as I had a basic home gym, when Mandy suggested I contact Mal at Results Room...


Last Christmas I was given a voucher for a glam photo shoot at A La Mode, so I contacted Mandy Lynn and we discussed the 'shoot' . I said I wanted to push the shoot date out to near the voucher expiry date so I could do some exercise so I would feel more comfortable with how I looked. When I told Mandy I was going to sort out my own exercise as I had lots of DVD’s and basically a home gym that I could use. Mandy suggested instead of doing it alone that I contact Mal at Results Room and to stop me backing out; she emailed Mal and had him contact me. Next thing I knew, I had signed up for 2 years! 10 weeks later I had a great photo shoot. I hadn't really changed much on the outside but I felt a lot more confident which made for a lovely day. I was so happy, I didn't want Mandy to completely photo shop my images, just smooth out a few bits and before joining Results Room I would never have had the confidence to wear what I did or trust that I looked good.

9 months after joining I have learned (finally) that getting results is 80% food and 20% exercise. If I don't eat good food, I get tired and lethargic, my skin is horrible, I'm grumpy and I put on weight. Now, I'm more thoughtful in my food choices, I eat less and more slowly. I haven't lost as much weight as I would have liked because it took me a few months to really start putting in the effort in my own training and making consistently better food choices. Given where I started, and having a few medical issues it’s going to be a long journey which I am okay about... well, not really but as they say "one bad meal doesn't make you fat, just like one good meal doesn't make you thin" so I understand that if I want to look freaking amazing, eating well and being active is a 7 day a week commitment.

I love Mal. He's awesome. The training sessions with him each Tuesday (and being there when he’s training my hubby Scott on a Thursday) are great fun and tough, definitely makes my fat cry (Mal calls sweating, "fat crying"). He has really pushed me and knows when I'm about to break.

All the trainers and owners Dan and Steve are great. They make me feel like I'm just as important as their own clients. They are fantastic people who enjoy their role helping people achieve their goals, are focused on their on clients but also happy to have a chat and a laugh and give advice to anyone.

Scott and I are keen to go to the Arctic and South America and we wanted to be able to enjoy the trips and participate in whatever we can especially the Inca Trail, the Galapagos Islands and wandering around on the ice... so by the time we have enough money saved, we should be super fit and rearing to go!