Kettlebell Clean & Press


The clean and press is all about getting a weight from the ground to above the head in the most efficient method possible. The clean is the lift from the ground to the shoulder (this position is called the rack). The press is the drive from the rack to above the head. It is especially useful for heavy loads where arm strength just isn't enough, and can also be performed with both arms at once. The legs and hips contribute hugely to this exercise allowing more weight to be used to create a significant training adaptation, useful for everyone from the corporate warrior trying to shed a few kilos, to the athlete looking for an edge with their sport.

If you're trying to build an aesthetically good looking body - nothing wrong with that - these are a huge benefit. They work a ton of muscle, get your heart rate through the roof, and all in a short period of time.

This video is a little on the long side, but has all the helpful pointers you'll need to get started. To make sure you build good habits have your coach show you first.

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