Kick off your New Year the right way



How many times has this happened to you?

The new year rolls around, freshly formed resolutions to get fit clearly in mind. You storm into the local gym and sign up with a hiss and a roar. Maybe you get the 3 session starter pack with a trainer to get you going, perhaps it's one of the gym instructors showing you a circuit on a line of machine weights, or it could just be a video from YouTube which looks like it was meant for you.

With this approach you can string together a couple of weeks worth of good sessions, then hit the motivation or boredom wall. Without somebody guiding and coaching you along consistently commitment and direction can wain, and those goals that were so important to start with are never reached.

How a coach or trainer can help

Accountability (or doing what we say we're going to do) is known to improve when we have an outside influence to report to. We often have these in our lives in the form of managers, parents, personal bankers, or life-coaches. These people provide a supportive and also slightly distanced perspective that can often shed light where you're personally too close to see.

What's the first step?

We find the best way to get started again after a break like Christmas is to make sure one of your first sessions with a trainer includes re-setting or refreshing your goals, and planning a path that works for you to reach those goals as quickly as possible.

Your trainer's guidance is the key difference between success and failure. By tracking your progress every week they'll be able to give reasons for why things may not be working, and change them to more successful strategies. They can also ask the hard questions keeping you accountable to your personal promises.

You wouldn't jump in your car and drive off not knowing where you're driving to, and you shouldn't leap into exercise without a clear idea of what the end result you want looks like.

We're not a  gym - we're different

Weekly Personal Training

No other studio offers the benefits of both worlds - full access to a private uncrowded space to exercise in (just like a regular gym membership), as well as the structured support of seeing your trainer every week.

Sweaty Sessions & Your Results Tracker

Once you've begun your member journey you'll be shown through your 'sweaty session' exercise programmes. Sweaty sessions are best described as 'full body movements performed in a circuit style'. These will live in your 'Results Tracker' - the book that shows all of your goal and performance progress. Your weekly planner will show the plan for your ideal week, and how these scheduled sessions are monitored and adjusted as you get fitter or as your goals change.

Real Food Programme

By committing to fill out your Real Food Diary every day your trainer can see any specific roadblocks to your progress, and help create action plans accordingly. No matter your goals improving your nutrition will yield positive health results and maximise the effort you're putting in. Learn to live the 4 Real Food Guidelines for best results.

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