Kirsty- I started lifting weights and really really liked it

I went for a run last week. It doesn’t sound that impressive, but to me it was a big deal. It was a marker of how far I had come since I joined Results Room and started training with Jas in January 2015. 2014 was the year where I had finally had enough. I was carrying a couple of injuries, as well as getting sick all the time, and had ballooned to a weight I was so uncomfortable with that I didn’t really want to leave the house. I had no energy and was struggling to keep up with my kids. They wanted to go to the park – I wanted to sit on the couch, and watch telly. And eat. Something had to change. I was aiming for a complete lifestyle overhaul – something that I would be able to maintain - rather than swallowing dodgy diet pills off the internet to lose bucketloads of weight and then pile it all back on (along with some extra for good measure) when the pills ran out.

I also knew that I’d need some help with figuring out what to do, how to do it (i.e how to work around those injuries) and someone to do it with. The loneliness of the long-distance runner has never appealed to me. To be fair running has never really appealed to me… I also needed help with what I was eating. Food and I were in an unhealthy relationship. We needed to take a break. So I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how I was going to achieve it. The idea of going to one of the big gyms freaked me out. That’s where Tim Dalman the physio stepped in. He recommended Results Room and Jas the Trainer to me. I turned up for my free session, noted the uncrowded environment, and gave it a go. We did the fitness test and Jas encouragingly told me that I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was. We talked about the real food programme and the diversion concept. It seemed easy enough to follow - and there was no maths involved!

I signed up at the beginning of December. I committed to 3 gym sessions a week, and maintained that commitment over the holiday period. I lost some weight. I kept going to the gym. I bought a lot of lycra. I started lifting weights – and really really liked it. Jas mixed it up with the training – and pushed me to try harder. I tried boxing. And nearly threw up. It was a lot harder boxing with her than that dude on the Wii. I got into the exercise groove. I struggled with the food. Jas helped me to identify what my food issues were and ways I could work round them. It helps a lot that I keep a food diary and we go through it every week. Seeing it in black and white and knowing that I’ll get called on it makes chocolate a lot less appealing…

One of my injuries has recently flared up again. Previously I would have used that as an excuse to not do anything. Not now though – Jas has re-jigged and tailored my training programme so that I am not aggravating the injury and am in fact building strength to try and minimise it happening again. I am really really happy with my Results Room experience. Jas is a fantastic trainer – motivating, committed, onto it and goes the extra mile. The fact that I am training through my injury (like an All Black) shows how far I have come and how I am achieving my goal of lifestyle change. Thanks guys!