Knee and upper leg mobility


In our second mobility session we moved up the body, focusing around the knee joint and working into the muscle and tissue of the thigh. We used the squat test again to check our knees range of motion - and also to test the effectiveness of our ankle homework.

Warm up

We used a foam roller on the quads, itb's and hamstrings to increase blood flow and warm up the area.

foam-rolling-abductorsStatic stretch

We held the couch stretch for 2 minutes per side. The first minute don't worry about getting your upper body so vertical. Just allow the quad muscle to release a bit first, and then in the second minute apply a little more pressure to lift the chest and torso.

couch_stretchFoam Rolling IT Band

We then focused on each side of the thigh, using the foam roller. This is a good place to start, but if you don't feel as though there is enough focus then downsize your rolling implement to get that focus on a specific area. A barbell or ball are perfect for this.

Lying on your side with the roller on the outside of your leg slowly travel from one end of the itb to the other, stopping every few inches to apply some knee flexion, before moving on.

Foam Rolling Adductors

Move the foam roller to the inside of the thigh. Make sure you have it roughly perpendicular to your thigh bone. Put as much pressure as you can handle onto the inside of your thigh. Gradually work your way from near your knee to your groin. Pause on any spots that are painful until the pain decreases.

adductorFoam Rolling Hamstrings

Lastly you're going to do the same to the hamstrings at the back of the thighs. You can either evenly distribute your weight across both hamstrings or sit a little lopsided, and cross one leg over the other. This will apply more pressure on one side - just make sure you do both sides.

hamstringPatella smash & work around knee

Watch the last half of this video from 3min 15. Kelly covers the drill we did with the ball just above the front of the knee. Moving it around the various angles while flexing and extending the joint.

Also, he shows some options around gapping the back of the knee. Using a towel instead is a good low-tech alternative. But otherwise do as we did, which is to find those spots behind the knee and add some plantar and dorsi flexion at the ankle.

Just as last time make sure you take at least 2 of these drills and spend 5 mins per day on them. With the ankle mobs you should have 10 mins each day to work on now.