Landmine Press


Try our new piece of equipment - the landmine - a very versatile piece that allows a lot of different movements to be performed. The overhead press is a great place to start while getting yourself comfortable with this kit.

This video shows pressing from the standing position, but you can also perform the movement from a half kneeling position (shown in the photo below). This position can be useful for initially learning the movement, before progressing to integrating the whole body. It's also a nice position if you want to double up some stretching through the hips while you get your pressing done.

The 3 main cues for you to remember while performing this exercise are:

  1. Keeping your ribs down - this means your lower back and abdominals are both braced, and don't extend during the pressing motion.
  2. Rotate the shoulder - the aim is for the shoulder blade to rotate upwards as you press, so your arm and the path of the bar takes a very slight circular motion - almost like a throwing motion.
  3. Lean into the bar - as you press the bar your body position will follow the bar, this is shown best in the video.


landmine press kneeling

For further help using this equipment book a free session with a Results Room Coach.