Lisa H - I have reduced my weight by more than 40kg and learnt much about healthy eating habits


In August 2012, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the Queenstown Airport terminal, at the start of a family holiday. It gave me a stark reminder that the life I had always dreamed of was slipping from my grasp.By the time I returned to Wellington a few days later, I had started on the journey of a long overdue decision to take action. Whilst I had heard of Results Room before, I had never had the courage to make contact. Then, in early September 2012, I put aside the fear and negative self-talk to meet Erika for the first time. She instantly made me feel totally at ease and allayed the seething turmoil that I was feeling inside.

From couch potato to three gruelling PT sessions a week was a huge challenge for me, as I had done no exercise for many years. Could my body survive this massive change? Well, guess what, the answer is definitively ‘Yes’! Erika was there for me, every inch of the way, supporting, encouraging and pushing to get me through every step of this amazing and ongoing journey. She is more than I had ever imagined from a personal trainer and Results Room is a superb and supportive gym, like no other. The personalised plan that Erika developed for me has facilitated achievement of my fitness and weight loss goals, starting me on the journey that has now transformed my life.

Since joining Results Room, I have reduced my weight by more than 40kg and learnt much about healthy eating habits. My previous diet of unhealthy fattening food has long gone, as has my massive intake of Coca Cola, a liquid I have not tasted since I met Erika! Of course I also now know how to exercise correctly and make the most of my life. My father has for many years been an enthusiastic recreational runner, competing up to marathon distance. I have always laughingly declined to get involved in that activity. However, my newfound fitness and mental strength has recently seen me experiencing the joy of running again. In a relatively short space of time, I have already completed eighteen different events and have many more planned. Running is a significant and enjoyable part of my life now. A future half marathon is conceivable but the marathon may have to wait a while!

I am now able to confirm with certainty that whilst you don’t always get what you wish for, you certainly do get what you work for! For the first time in many years, I now love and approve of myself. I owe that feeling to the work that Erika has done with me. Thanks Erika, you have saved me from a fate that I no longer need to contemplate.

Lisa Hammington beforeLisa Hammington