Liz - My running style has improved so much that friends who see me run have commented on it


I have been running for years (well I move faster than walking) and over the last few years I would say my running times (and style) has been pretty static. I participate in about 4 events a year and in most cases my times  have either stayed the same or gone backwards. Anyway – I was paired up with Adam at Results Room and we set the goal of me doing the recent Wellington 10km event in under an hour. I was all keen to get started when I injured my calf muscle (which put paid to any running for about 4 weeks) then just as I got over that I got a decent dose of bronchitis. Still went out and did the 10km though – I finished it is all I will say about that :)

Then Adam sent out a flyer about his Cadence Conditioning Running specific course – okay I thought – give it a go – anyone can run – not sure what I would get out of this, but why not??

Well, I turned up at the first session and we did no running – we stood on one leg, we did stretches, we did funny walks – I thought – what the heck – but kept going, because this had to end up somewhere.

It did!!! There was actually logic to all the techniques and drills we learnt. That logic was getting results. Last year before completing his course I ran the Pelorus 5km race on a calm day, and my time was 33.26. After Adam's help I competed in the same race with a strong headwind on the return leg, and I still completed in 31.18. A huge personal improvement of over 2 minutes.

My running style has improved – so much that friends who see me run have commented on it – and even my training runs are getting faster – and I am finding I cover more distance and do not get so puffed any more. Have found though that practice makes perfect, so at least once a  fortnight I go to the gym and do a session of funny walks, standing on one leg and heaps of stretches – and it is paying off.

My goal for next year – is definitely to do the Wellington 10km in under 60 minutes.