Lorna - the one consistent thing has been my weekly PT session with Alice


Life begins at forty two! – Lorna loves lunges!  That was what I had to spell out ‘hangman style’ with 21 different exercises (42 reps of each) for my birthday workout on 20 June 2014.  My trainer Alice put it together and I arrived at my PT session to see her grinning like a Cheshire cat, and suddenly realized I should have lied about my age.

I joined Results Room in November 2013, overweight and unfit.  At 41 years old I was telling myself that I was still doing some exercise because on Saturday mornings I would take a stroll around the bays.  Whereas the truth was I stopped exercising when I left University 20 years ago!

A few years back, I took a road trip with a good friend of mine and, as we stuffed our faces with chips and lollies, we complained about being overweight and vowed to do something about it when we got back to Wellington.  We didn’t of course.  Well not until a year or so later when Jess started showing up to events looking slimmer and slimmer.  But it was not just the weight loss that struck me, she looked fit and healthy and so much happier.

Jess kept raving about Results Room and told me she knew the perfect trainer for me.  It took a little while to convince me but then I saw her testimonial (posted 30 October 2014).  On 03 November I text her “Decided I need to ‘do this thing’ can you tell Alice 1.30 tomorrow is good for me”.  That was it – when I met Alice I signed up straight away, I didn’t want to leave Results Room and start making excuses for not joining.

It felt like I started with a bang, I was keeping up my food diary and doing my sweaty sessions. I did well in the December Challenge because it was all about the number of times you did it.  Alice has me do the gym's inhouse member challenge every month and I am usually a long way down the leader board because I am not fast or strong but I like the fact that I do it anyway and give it my best shot.

Then I started struggling with my motivation.  I injured myself trying to run a half marathon in February, which set me back six weeks and in the last couple of months my job has been crazy, and the weather isn’t as nice as it was when I joined!  You know how it is…all those things that you convince yourself ‘get in the way’.  I think after 20 years of being unfit it is not surprising that I slipped back into old habits a little.  I’d tell myself I deserved a glass of wine at the end of a long day, rather than going for a run or heading in for a sweaty session at Results Room.

The one consistent thing, even when I was injured, has been my weekly PT session with Alice.  She just keeps reminding me about what I should be doing and supporting me to set goals.  I have had gym memberships before and I know if I had been at any of those gyms I wouldn’t have been once since February.

Instead, on the 22 June (the day after turning 42) I wasn’t lying in bed with a hangover, which has been the norm for me for 20 years, I got up and ran the Wellington 10k.  It was not quick - like I say I’m not fast - but it was enough to count as a sweaty session!

And I have a bunch of new goals too:

  • Dry July - because too often a wine gets in the way of a sweaty session.
  • The Results Room Six Week Food Challenge – because if I am not drinking I might as well go the whole hog (well a single portion size of the hog, with lots of veggies, right Steve?).
  • Taupo half marathon.

Jess was right about Alice and her birthday workout message worked, it’s given me another kick-start – but trust me, I will never love lunges!