Mal busts out his half marathon


As written by Mal Tester (voted Results Room's trainer with the most pairs of fancy shoes 2012 & 2013).

I've now completed my first half marathon and feel great.

Leading up to this event I had already had the chance to compete in two other half marathon races but due to the fact I didn't enter I just let them run by thinking "oh I wish I had gone in that event"

Well not this time. I registered for the half marathon about 3 months in advance so Knew I had to get training. After registering and telling people I was running in this event there was no backing out. I felt nervous about the whole thing as it was my first running event but felt great knowing I was really training towards something.

Because of the upcoming event I knew I couldn't miss any training session as I really wanted to finish the event and feel good about it. The hardest thing wasn't the event it was the registration and making sure I kept on track.

Just having that event as the end goal really helped with getting through the training and of course made me eat nice and clean, as I didn’t want my food to affect my output when running.

All in all it was a great time training and competing in the event. So my advice would be if you want something to train towards get registered and get training