Margaret - I am surprised at myself and of course delighted.


I enjoy the training sessions and I am also delighted with how much stronger I am getting.

Weight loss is always painfully slow with me but I notice that my clothes are looser and I get regular comments about being slimmer.

I know that Simon and the Results Room team like to see results, and I usually pass these comments on to Simon. In particular, I really enjoy the weekly boxing time with him and it is something I look forward to!

I am surprised at myself and of course delighted. I have even bought my own gloves and a punching bag which has been installed in our garage, for those 'at-home' workouts.

I really appreciate the long opening hours at Results Room and also for the whole environment that you provide - It is comfortable and clean.

I am still a work in progress and don't want a photo published at present. However I would be pleased if Simon's photo was used instead.