Mobilise your back


Warm up your spine thoroughly before performing these mobility drills.

Lying Swissball Rotation & Cat and Cow stretch

For the rotation - Lying on your back, tuck a ball up against your hamstrings and bottom. Use the ball to roll your knees gently from side to side. Keep your shoulders and arms both flat to the floor, and only roll as far as you can continue to do this.

For cat and cow - In an all fours stance breathe in, tucking your belly button to the ceiling - and breathe out letting your belly button sag. Emphasise the extension and flexion of the neck, spine and pelvis.

lying rotationcat-cow







Get Your SI Joint moving

Lying with a foam roller under your lower back (across-ways) hug one knee in towards your chest. Your other leg should be as straight as possible towards the ceiling. With the bent leg anchored, lower your other leg towards the floor while exhaling, and bring it back up when you breathe in. Perform for a minute each side at breathing pace.


Thoracic rolling & Targeted areas

Watch this video to check the best set up for these effective foam rolling movements. The arm and hand position is key, and ensures you are accessing the muscles beneath the shoulder blades. Both methods are important - the dynamic version allows you to work down the length of the muscles as a whole, while the more static version allows you to put some specific extension through the part of the spine that needs it most.

Kneeling Stick Rotation

The key to this one is for your hips, knee, and foot to stay facing front, while you rotate over your front knee. At the end range of motion pause for a few seconds while holding the stretch. breathe out as you rotate into the stretch, and breathe in as you come back to the centre. This will feel the natural way anyway.

As always take the couple of these that you've found highlight the biggest issues for you. Create a time during the day when you can spend 5 minutes working on them. Don't forget your other areas too... The ankles, knees, and hips.