Nick - I am now one of those people I could not understand, getting up early and going for a run

I used to hate exercise… wait, hate is a pretty strong word… and probably does not correctly express my sentiments… I vehemently despised exercise with a passion! My idea of exercise used to be walking to the Indian Takeaway down the street (well, truth be told, actually walking to the car to drive to the takeaways). I could not understand people who would get up early to go for a run or to the gym when the other option was sleeping in bed.

The day my wife bought herself a GrabOne voucher, the expiry date was so far in the future that having personal training sessions seemed like such an abstract theoretical thought that somehow I agreed to the purchase of a voucher for myself (I may have been drinking). I figured it might help with the Squash, which at the time was the only exercise I got. I almost got out of it too - they just about expired when GrabOne sent a reminder. Damn. It took me a week of recovery after that first session. I was just about pain free by the time the second session rolled around - I was not pleased with the idea of being in constant agony from week to week (though it does get better, now I can usually be a semi-functioning person by the second day after PT).

I am really not sure how Chris managed to convince me to sign up after that 3 week trial - I put it down to fatigue induced insanity (he does have the skill of bringing you to the edge of exhaustion, but not quite pushing you over to death). Beer being a diversion? It’s just flavoured water… and then after the first 6 weeks, when bread became a diversion, I almost quit right then. I love(d) bread (for the foodies out there, I even did a bread baking course at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage in the UK) and to have it now cost me 30min sweaty exercise… I was not sure it was worth it. I did manage to stick it out though (with the odd guilty beer or slice of bread) and with the ever increasing weights and repetitions being coupled with decreasing fitness test times and body measurements.

It has now been 9 months at the Results Room - an expensive 9 months as it never occurred to me that with losing 10kg I would have to buy a new wardrobe - then replace it all over again after losing 20kg (though it is nice to shop off the rack for M or L anywhere, rather than the 3XL+ area at Farmers). My life is different - I am now one of those people I could not understand, getting up early and go for a run or to the gym. Squash has also gotten better - not sure if the quality of my game has improved, but at least I get though an hour on the court without passing out or throwing up.

Ultimately my feelings towards exercise has also changed - now I merely intensely dislike it rather than vehemently despise it. Thanks Chris and the Results Room?

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