October Challenge - 5 Minute Sled, Box & Rower


Dreamed up by one of the original Results Room Coaches this Challenge is guaranteed to create a wobble in your under-carriage.

Set Up:

Due to the location of the box this challenge should be completed on level 1. You'll need a clear length of track, a sled loaded to 50kg men / 30kg women, and the large white box which you'll perform the mountain climbers on.


You have 5 minutes total to finish the first two activities in this challenge and then row as far as possible before your time runs out.

  1. Push your loaded sled for 5 lengths of the track.
  2. Immediately move to the large white box to perform 30 mountain climbers.
  3. Then immediately start rowing and continue for maximum distance before the 5 minute time limit runs out.
  4. Your score is the distance you rowed.