Pistol Squats


The pistol squat is the perfect exercise for when you're travelling, or just away from a gym or your normal workout environment. All you need is your legs. Even just one of them will be fine.

The challenge of the pistol is that besides very good strength levels, you'll need great balance, good core control, and exceptional mobility at the ankles, knees, and hips.

For these reasons this is an exercise you should aim towards becoming proficient at, as it will provide huge progress towards other goals you may have; eg. adding weight to your barbell squat, jumping and landing better for netball, or being able to kneel on the floor to play with your kids.

This video will look at the regressions (thanks to TechniqueWOD on You Tube) that you can work on, in a planned order, to build towards being able to perform the full pistol squat.

Regressive Exercises:

1. Pistol Squat using Ring Balance/Row
2. Pistol Squat using band Balance
3. Partial range Pistol to bench
4. Negative rep (eccentric) Pistol Squat
5. Optional: Elevated heel Pistol Squat

Find your starting point and then look to progress through these options over time to build up the strength, balance and mobility required. It will take a while to get there. But the most beneficial skills often require the most work.

If you need further help make sure to get tips from your coach.