Powerbag Squat Press


An exercise that integrates two different movement patterns - an overhead press and a squat - has significant benefits and challenges. Nothing burns quite like a heavy set of this exercise. Taxing the lungs and musculature due to the entire body being worked.

Before attempting this exercise ensure you can perform both of these exercises correctly on their own. This may require some mobility checks with the help of your coach, and most definitely will require a good warm up.

Success Cues:

  1. Front squat well - all your squatting cues come into play here. Front squatting has a slightly different demand on the body due to weight being carried at the front of the body. It tends to helps an upright posture, but doesn't make up for poor squat technique. Get mobile and make sure you're squatting at least to parallel. If not, go do some stretching.
  2. Keep your ribcage down - this means that as you stand up and press above the head you don't want your back to arch, your ribs to lift, or your head to look up (or all three). These movements would suggest that there is not the core control and strength for this movement, as well as possibly not enough shoulder range of motion.
  3. Keep the bag racked - you must be able to front squat the bag while holding the rack position. This position requires good thoracic spine, shoulder, elbow, and wrist flexibility. Any of these areas being tight may hinder this position.
  4. Finish overhead - This finishing position involves stacking the joints above one another. Your ability to do this will result in a more efficient movement with less energy expended, and therefore more ability to perform 'results getting' work.

edmo-front-squat-to-pressChances are you'll have some work-ons to improve your movement with this one. Accept the challenge and keep making improvements. Ask your coach for tips and guidance. That's where the best results will come.