How to prepare your body for a Lower body dominant sweaty session


All the motivation in the world doesn't help when you're injured, and one of the sure fire ways to get injured is by not properly preparing yourself to exercise. We call this Movement preparation, but it's most commonly known as warming up. To perform optimally we need to introduce movements at suitable intensities over a period which stimulates the body, readying it for the workout.

Cant I just sit on a bike for 5 minutes?

A quick jog or cycle used to be the standard warm up prescribed before exercise. Although this will warm your bodies temperature and maybe even cause a light sweat, it has not prepared you for any movement pattern beyond sitting on a bike or jogging on a treadmill.

Your movement prep will depend upon the workout you're doing. If you're going to be squatting or lunging, then some movements along these movement patterns would be a good idea.

Results Room trainer, Chris demonstrates a standard lower body movement prep that will cover some key movement patterns. You could easily add more to this, but think of it as a bare minimum.

The preparation details could look like this

    • Walk out on your hands into plank position - perform alternating hip openers
    • Walk the hands back in to standing position - perform reverse lunge with reaching arm
    • Walk out on your hands to the plank again - perform 1 arm torso rotations
    • Walk the hands back to standing again - perform a squat to a challenging low depth
    • Walk out on to hands for final time - perform alternating calf stretches

Do anywhere between 6 - 20 reps total of each movement depending on what your actual exercise routine will be; around 12 should be a good amount to get you warm. You can also increase the intensity of the movements by speedng them up, pushing the range of motion, and applying more force. All of these factors will prepare you to go into your actual session properly prepared.