What is the real food programme?


The Real Food Programme is Results Room's trademarked system for maximising your results. Whether your goals are focused on weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance or health improvements, there's no doubt that improving your fuel intake will improve the outcome that results. The crux of the Real Food programme is about introducing more real food into your life, while reducing the fake (processed) food.

We measure this fake food in units called 'diversions'. These diversions are then balanced against your sweaty sessions to ensure you are getting the balance right to achieve your goals quickly, while building lifelong habits that can be sustained. We firmly believe that short term or extreme diets don't result in anything other than poor unrealistic habits, and ultimately failure.

To help you keep within the parameters of the Real Food Programme we have 4 guidelines that are there to help with your decisions on a daily basis.




Stick to foods with one ingredient. Here’s an example – an apple is an apple. Compare that to a muesli bar which has many ingredients.


sweaty-sessions2. sweaty sessions vs diversions

Balance your exercise with the amount of fake or processed food you eat.


results-on-a-plate3. results on a plate

Learn and stick to the ultimate way to fill your plate with protein, carbohydrate, vegetables and fat.


dont-sweat-small-stuff4. don’t sweat the small stuff

We know slip-ups happen. Don’t let a small mistake affect your overall journey.


Before you start the actual diary your coach will normally have you fill out a 3 Day Real Food Taster. This taster provides a sample of where your nutrition is currently at, plus also lets the trainer know if you're ready to do the programme. If you can't fill out a 3 day taster the 6 Week Diary might be a bit too much at this stage.

When you embark upon the Real Food Programme you are commiting to a 6 week programme, consisting of daily food recording in your diary, as well as daily noting of your sweaty sessions and other activity.

At the end of each week - when you meet with your coach for your appointment - you will look over the weeks diary entries to see if you can recognise a key roadblock or barrier to your results. With this recognised you will come up with an action plan to overcome that roadblock as you move forward into the next week of the diary, and so on and so on.

As each of the weeks passes you will be identifying where the problems lie (the roadblocks) and how to overcome them (the action plans). At the end of the 6 weeks when you have your 6 Weekly Assessment and goals discussion, you will also go through the Real Food Diary and see how it has affected your results.

The proof is always in the pudding, and when the Real Food programme is completed along with the sweaty session our members get amazing results.

Ask your coach how to get started now!